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I am so happy you found this podcast! Let’s walk together, and while you are ambling, I will be rambling in your ear, about how we can take small steps to improve our health so we can live the best life we each ever imagined! 


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Apr 24, 2024

From fighting the effects of perfectionism to developing ways to fight decision fatigue to managing our focus, approaches to life with ADHD is our topic, and our guide is Diann Wingert, host of The Driven Woman Entrepreneur Podcast. All of us can find ourselves in today's conversation, where we cover a broad range of...

Apr 17, 2024

Diann Wingert joins me today to discuss the in’s and out’s of ADHD. As a former psychotherapist who’s now a business coach, entrepreneur and podcast host and who has ADHD, Diann’s the perfect guide for today’s exploratory!


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Apr 10, 2024

Singing can contribute to our physical health (hello and thanks, vagus nerve!), but today we’re chiming in on how using the instrument of our voices can impact other aspects of wellbeing. We’ll also get a singing lesson with Guy Monroe, so join the Wellness While Walking Virtual Chorus today!



Apr 3, 2024

In honor of National Walking Day – the day this episode drops – we’ll do an all-walking episode, where we'll answer the top questions about walking that we get! Whether you’re curious about establishing a walking habit or wondering about when we can expect benefits from walking, OR you’re just a walking...